Nation of Strong blog post: Can Caffeine Reduce Cellulite?

Can Caffeine Reduce Cellulite?

There is an exciting study from 2015 on the effect of caffeine on cellulite.

But before we present it to you in more detail, we must and want to point out that the study was done on a different cream. So it is not about our cream. We just find it interesting that it also contains the active ingredient caffeine, which is also an ingredient - if not the most important ingredient - in our cream.

PubMed, one of the most important meta-search engines for medical studies.

The 2015 study is written in English and is publicly available for free via PubMed. If you want to look for yourself, here's the full article on PubMed with interesting before and after photos.

Design and aim of the study

In the study, 15 people with cellulite on legs and arms were treated with an anti-cellulite cream (Slimming Cream) for six weeks. The aim was to test the effectiveness of the cream with the active ingredient caffeine over this period (six weeks).

Result of the study

With the help of the visual measurement method used in the study, a significant change was observed after six weeks ("The standard visual scale score improved significantly ..."). The result of the study was therefore positive ("The slimming cream tested appears to be effective ...").

Of course, it must be said here that only 15 test subjects participated. Nevertheless, it is a motivating and very positive result and gives hope that, in addition to sports and a healthy diet, cellulite can also be affected from the outside.