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The Global Fit-Skin Revolution

Nation of Strong is the fit-skin revolution that’s growing across the globe, powered by our strong German roots. Our skincare is the living fruit of 50 years of health-and-beauty experience by a renowned, family-run company in Bavaria. Everything we create is grounded in our medical-precision heritage and obsessive high-performance philosophy. That's all that's needed to deliver superb performance skincare.

Nation of Strong: Our movement is about empowerment. NO MIRACLES. JUST SCIENCE.

Why Nation of strong?

Our Movement

NATION... We’re a clan, a tribe that transcends geographical borders in a global revolution. We choose to believe we’re a movement rather than a cosmetics brand. Our revolution is about people who are driven by a mindset, values and beliefs… around healthy living,  body-positivity and determination. Not to mention self-determination.
And our role is to support you on your journey. We walk beside you in the quest to live your fittest, strongest, healthiest, most beautiful life possible. 

Nation of Strong: Our revolution is about You. Stand tall. Stand Proud. Stand Strong.

It's all about YOU!

Your Mission

You are... Our hero. And the hero of your own life.
You own your choices, including the way you choose to live.
You are not about makeup, but about change. Taking ownership of your body as you do with your life. Fit skin needs work, not concealer or makeup. Make your skin work. Make it sweat. You work out to stay fit, and so does your skin. No pain, no gain.
Your mission? Should you choose to accept it, is to join the revolution.

Stand tall. Stand proud. Stand strong.

Nation of Strong. What our formulations stand for. Clean, minimalist, high-performance skin care for fit skin

our commitment

What We Stand For

NO MIRACLES. JUST SCIENCE. We use science to identify the best, most effective ingredients - both natural and laboratory-made. We use the optimal performance dose in our formulas.

BEAUTY… MEET FUNCTION! We promise honest, hard-working products that focus on looking after your skin’s health and wellbeing. So you can focus on living your life, staying fit and having fun.

in attaining great health, great fitness and good-looking skin.

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This stuff works like magic! Our customers swear by our products

Powerful women. Embracing diversity. Join Nation of StrongPowerful women. Embracing diversity. Join Nation of Strong

our manifesto

Let's Get Real

WE ARE... 

⭐ A global revolution, born in Germany

⭐ Obsessive about developing fit-for-purpose skincare with a high-intensity result

⭐ Led by science to bring you skincare to help you achieve your best self

⭐ Committed to creating effective formulas that do no harm and use clean and sustainable ingredients from nature and science

⭐ Committed to empowering you to take action that makes you feel good about your skin, your body and your life

⭐ About zero BS. We’re honest and transparent in our products, our ingredients, our promises and our messages. We rather under-promise and over-deliver. So if you are not happy with a product, we will happily refund your purchase. Simple!

Nation of Strong Fight Cellulite Anti Cellulite Gel. With caffeine+carnitineNation of Strong Fight Cellulite Anti Cellulite Gel. With caffeine+carnitine

our hero

The Nation of Strong Must-Have

Thousands of women swear by it.
It's our #1 award-winning gem... and it works hard to earn its reputation.
Trust the nation and give yourself the chance to see our hero in action.

Nation of Strong. No Magic. Just science and the best of nature in our clean, vegan and minimalist formulas.

clean PhIlosophy

Our Ingredients

You will find:

✅ Ethically sourced, organic natural ingredients
✅ Vegan ingredients. Many of our products are vegan. Those that aren’t are clean.
✅ Clean, effective ingredients at optimal dose for maximum efficacy
✅ Laboratory-made AND nature-identical ingredients... because they give the best results

You won't find:

❌ Unnecessary ingredients
❌ Unrecognisable ingredients
❌ Fillers or fluff
❌ Substances that are harmful to you or to the environment
❌ Parabens / sulfates / gluten

Performance Guarantee

We love our products and we really want you to love them too.
If for some reason, that is not the case, we will give you your money back.

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