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Information about Fight Cellulite

Yes, the gel really needs to heat up that much in order to ensure best effects!

The gel can be applied once a day or several times as required.

Fight Cellulite is a gel which provides an intense thermal effect. This means that the skin is effectively warmed to a high temperature. And that is exactly what should happen. This is because the heat causes the pores to open. During the second step, the active ingredients are then able to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin. This allows for optimal regeneration and tightening of the skin.

Please use sparingly to begin with in order to test its effect on your own skin!

The gel can feel very hot. Your skin’s sensitivity to the active ingredients determines how hot the gel will become. This is why it is so important that you take care when using the product for the first time. Please use sparingly to begin with. And do not apply it directly to the sensitive inner thigh area. Proceed with caution when testing its effect.

Instructions for use: please do not apply to damp or wet skin.

Use the gel on dry skin. Applying to damp skin can result in a more intense heating effect and can cause the gel to become excessively hot.

Give Fight time

Be patient. You should begin to see and feel results after about two weeks. Many customers say that it takes 3-4 weeks before they notice any change. Different metabolisms respond differently to the gel.