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Information about Organic Aloe Vera Gel

100 % controlled certified organic aloe vera cultivation (with hyaluronic acid)
Are you aware of the wide range of effects that aloe vera has to offer? This plant, often touted as a miracle plant, has powers that can be described as almost magical and is also used with great success in hospitals to help treat burns, neurodermatitis and other skin conditions.

We also recommend keeping our Organic Aloe Vera Gel cool by storing it in the fridge.

  • Its areas of application are wide-ranging:
  • For acne | blemished skin | redness on both the face and the entire body
  • As an after-sun cooler post-sunbathing | for sunburn
  • For tired, stressed or irritated skin
  • For dry or wrinkled skin, thanks to the addition of high-dosage hyaluronic acid
  • For insect bites or any kind of redness caused by

Instructions for use

  • As a moisturising mask with a healing and regenerative effect
  • As an anti-inflammatory and antibiotic base for applying before make-up
  • As a natural detox treatment, when applied to clean skin every evening
  • As a refreshing moisturising booster in summer, when used directly from the fridge

Information about cleansing your skin as part of your facial care routine: Please cleanse your skin before using the gel on your face, neck or décolletage. Gently patting the gel into your skin allows the natural ingredients to fully penetrate the skin and give the best possible result. The Aloe Barbadensis sap used in the product is the gel’s main ingredient and is the best way to benefit from the aloe vera plant when using it in cosmetics.