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Information about Pro Active Muscle

Natural power-giving ingredients give you and your body a helping hand

But please be careful! Apply sparingly to begin with, as the product can generate a lot of heat. This is due to the presence of nettle components. But we do not wish to cast any blame here. It is simply doing its job. This is because: Pro Active Muscle is supposed to heat up. Why? To help your blood reach „damaged“ areas as quickly as possible and give optimal support to your healing processes.

This helps you and your muscles, tendons and joints

  • Red vine leaf | fennel are the classic ways to help combat cramp and inflammation
  • Horse chestnut seals vascular walls, thereby preventing the accumulation of fluids
  • Melissa | valerian | hops soothe and relax the muscles and tissues
  • Chamomile | yarrow have an anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-spasmodic effect

Instructions for use – apply sparingly | massage in | wash your hands

  • Apply sparingly to dry skin
  • Work into the desired areas using circular motions
  • When you are done, please wash your hands well with soap
  • Avoid direct contact with the eyes, mucous membranes and areas of damaged skin

When will you benefit most from the heat of Pro Active Muscle?

The simple answer: In the case of contused wounds (= injuries without any open wound) heat therapy can be used following the initial phase of tissue swelling. This means: cool the affected area first until the swelling stops. The heat therapy works by

  • heating the tissues and stimulating your metabolism,
  • enabling more oxygen, nutrients and metabolic products to reach the affected area
  • boosting your immune response
  • helping injuries to heal more quickly