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Fight Cellulite

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#1 Bestseller all over the world. Award-Winning Anti-Cellulite Gel.


Thousands of women trust the Nation’s much-awarded, best-loved signature body gel for smoother, firmer skin. The winning formula: Caffeine + Carnitine is heat-activated for optimal results. Cellulite and stretch marks appear visibly reduced. 225ml


#1 BESTSELLING ANTI-CELLULITE AND FIRMING GEL. Our fast-absorbing, award-winning formula with carnitine+caffeine has a targeted action to reshape the silhouette.
IT’S HOT… IN A GOOD WAY. Our highly efficient unique formula is heat-activated for optimal absorption of the active ingredients.
CRUELTY-FREE. FUELLED WITH VEGAN INGREDIENTS. It has a light lemon fragrance, non-greasy texture and absorbs quickly into your skin.
USED BY THOUSANDS OF WOMEN EVERY DAY. Fight Cellulite is a #1 bestseller in combating cellulite and stretch marks.
ALL OUR PRODUCTS are developed, manufactured and tested dermatologically in Germany.

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award-winning formula


Why Fight Cellulite?

Sofas, smoothies and thighs… Some like them lumpy. Some like them smooth. It’s your choice!
Our unique, bestselling Anti-Cellulite Gel is trusted by thousands of women to improve the look of cellulite and stretch marks. It's also won numerous awards for its efficacy. Need we say more?

Nation of Strong Fight Cellulite. Join the FightNation of Strong Fight Cellulite. Join the Fight

Join The Good Fight

Thousands of enthusiastic customers around the globe swear by the efficiency of our product.

Our unique formula with carnitine+caffeine is backed by scientifically proven efficiency.

Our happy customers tell us you can enjoy a visibly tighter and firmer skin in 6 weeks.

Nation of Strong Fight Cellulite Anti Cellulite Gel. With caffeine+carnitine

it works hard

The Fit Formula

Our Fight Cellulite’s winning formula is a triple threat against cellulite:

CAFFEINE doesn't only wake you up in the morning! It's also highly effective in fighting cellulite - and that's science talking! It breaks down fat inside fat cells and stimulates its release into your body’s elimination system. 

CARNITINE is there to crank up your metabolism and burn fat, which decreases your body stores. 

The HEAT-ACTIVATED effect promotes blood circulation to eliminate the fat and stimulate healthy oxygenation. This accelerates the metabolism and breaks down the visible effects of cellulite.

Woman holding Nation of Strong Fight Cellulite productWoman holding Nation of Strong Fight Cellulite product

the recipe

What's Cooking?

CAFFEINE Draining and slimming effect. It has been repeatedly scientifically tested, and proven to be the most efficient ingredient to combat cellulite.

CARNITINE Directly influences your metabolism, promotes cell renewal and acts as a fat burner.

VANILLYL BUTYL ETHER Produces our unique and powerful heating effect which promotes blood circulation for a tighter and firmer-looking skin.

GLYCERINE & PANTHENOL Conditions deeply and locks in moisture

PROVITAMIN B5  Helps to care for the skin and gives it a smoother feel. Think of it as a gentle toner for firm, supple and smooth skin.

Performance Guarantee

We love our products and we are very confident you'll love them too.
However, if for some reason, that is not the case, we will give you your money back.


Fight Cellulite gel really needs to heat up that much in order to ensure best effects! The intense thermal effect means that the skin is effectively warmed to a high temperature. This causes pores to open, which allows the active ingredients to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin. Result: optimal regeneration and tightening of the skin.

It’s all about chemistry. All skins and metabolisms are unique and their response will be individual. So please use Fight Cellulite sparingly to begin with in order to test its effect on your own skin! It can become very hot if your skin is very sensitive to the ingredients. 

Do a patch test first to see how your skin responds. Then start using Fight Cellulite sparingly. Apply a thin layer of gel once a day or several times, as required, to thighs, buttocks, stomach, arms. 

Apply on DRY SKIN. Applying to damp skin can result in a more intense heating effect and can cause the gel to become excessively hot. DO NOT APPLY it directly to the sensitive inner thigh area, and avoid contact with your mucous membranes. You know… eyes, nose, mouth and tender bitsInstructions for use: please do not apply to damp or wet skin. Wash hands thoroughly with soap after use.

Give Fight time! Be patientIndividual metabolisms respond differently to the gel. You should begin to see and feel results after about two weeks. Many customers say that it takes 5-6 weeks before they notice any change.

Yes. It targets fat cells and circulation, so it will work effectively on men and women.

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Why Nation of Strong?

We are a global revolution, born in Germany. We are about zero BS.
Our revolution is about you, people who are driven by a mindset, values and beliefs… around healthy living, body-positivity and determination. Not to mention self-determination.
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